Back Orders

While we make every effort to maintain stock for every size, this may not always be possible due to availability at the time of purchase.  In this event, we will make every attempt to ship your item as soon as possible. Delivery estimates are approximate and are displayed under every product. Items will be shipped on or before their delivery estimate.

Security and Privacy

Are my Details Safe? 

Yes. We use a secure server and all administration pages use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. This prevents third parties from viewing or accessing your personal information. We also do not in any way give, sell or rent out any of your personal information. Please read more about our Privacy Policy here:
Do you sell your products as a retailer or wholesaler?
A: We only sell at retail level for now, but we plan to start our wholesalers program later in the future. Please sign up to our Newsletter so we can keep you updated once we do. 
Q: What is the minimum purchase?
A: There is no minimum purchase. However, we do offer free when you buy above 45000 in Nigeria, above 180000 n Ghana and above $1000 from other countries. 
Q: What currency do you use?
A: All prices on our site are in Naira. But we do accept foreign currency at the daily exchange rate set on the day we ship your order. 
Q: What payments do you accept?
A: We do accept credit cards - Visa and Mastercard, as well as, Interac e-Transfer, PayPal, Cheque By Mail*, Wire Transfer